Judgments & orders

To apply for a bankruptcy notice you must provide a final judgment[?] or order from a court that proves someone owes you a debt.

We are unable to provide any legal advice about how to obtain a judgment. Seek legal assistance or contact your local court for more information on this process.

The judgment or order must:

  • show that the person (or debtor) owes you $5000 or more and
  • be less than 6 years old.

Include one of the following in your bankruptcy notice application:

  • Copy of the sealed or certified judgment/order.
  • Certificate of the judgment/order sealed by the court or signed by an officer of the court.
  • Certified copy of the court entry of the judgment/order. Certified means an officer of the court has sealed or signed it.

Can I lodge more than one judgment?

Yes. You can include more than one judgment or order to show a combined debt of $5000 or more.

Can I base a bankruptcy notice on 2 judgments from different creditors?

No. However, you can use 2 or more judgments for the same creditor to apply for a bankruptcy notice.

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