Official Receiver Practice Statements

Title Date of release Last updated
ORPS1 PDF icon Declaration of intention to present a debtor's petition October 2007 May 2019
ORPS2 PDF icon Bankruptcy by debtor's petition October 2007 September 2017
ORPS3 PDF icon Bankruptcy by sequestration order October 2010 June 2019
ORPS4 PDF icon Setting up a personal insolvency agreement February 2007 September 2017
ORPS5 PDF icon Administration of estates of deceased persons August 2008 February 2018
ORPS6 PDF icon Applying for a bankruptcy notice March 2008 October 2018
ORPS7 PDF icon Official Receiver notices November 2008 July 2018
ORPS8 PDF icon The National Personal Insolvency Index April 2008 February 2019
ORPS9 PDF icon Inspecting documents filed with the Official Receiver December 2008 May 2019
ORPS11 PDF icon Debt agreements May 2018 January 2019